Thursday, 21 June 2012

My funny story by Doug the junk

A dear friend of mine. Who shall remain nameless (Douglas) has been up to his shenanigans again. Just this afternoon I received an email titled "My funny story"

There is a new internet sensation on youtube called making the bus monitor cry. it's a video recorded by a little dip shit child and its friends as they sit on the bus verbally abusing the elderly lady on the bus who is there as a "bus monitor". They spend 10 minutes calling her fat and ugly and cussing and swearing like pirates and telling her to kill herself because she's fat and ugly, and all the while she just sits there silently crying. it has gone viral and it's got 1.2 million views after only being up for one day. As you can imagine all the world is outraged and everyone wants to kill the kids and everyone is making comments on the video on youtube about how disrespectful those kids are and they should be punished or killed and such and such. The funny part comes in when I decided to comment on the video. Here is my comment:

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I think it's weak how everyone is just bad mouthing these poor kids. As far as I'm concerned they are the victims here. Did anyone take a second to think about what must have happened in these kids lives for them to behave in this manner. How does anyone know they weren't abused or brought up in a broken home. Child abuse is a world wide problem and everyone is just being extremely harsh toward these youngsters. A child would never act this way unless it was in self defense.
Douglas - 2 hours ago

I got many negative responses to that comment and I replied to each comment with an outlandish garbage remark. here are the funniest ones

  • You have never met a fucking teen in your life have you? Odds are they are being mean because they are stupid.
    Good citizen in reply to douglas 2 hours ago
  • They're probably not as stupid as you
    douglas in reply to Good citizen  2 hours ago

Good citizen#4 has replied to your comment on Making The Bus Monitor Cry:
Their sad little lives have NOTHING to do with their fucking behavior! I watched my mom damn near commit suicide THREE TIMES and almost did it myself and I STILL don't act like a total jerk off. And I'm seventeen fucking years old. I'm more disciplined than half my fucking school.
(Author's note- How does someone "damn near commit suicide?" Was it a failed attempt or just gathering the rope and chair then changing your mind?) 

Douglas commented:
well YOU obviously haven't had enough sex

Good Citizen #5 has replied to your comment on Making The Bus Monitor Cry:
Bullshit. A child is a human, it has free will. Kids will do and say whatever the fuck they want.

Douglas commented:
what gives you the qualifications to make such an absurd statement? are you the judge of the internet? are you even human?

its simple. they have a severe case of ignorance.

Good citizen #1- in reply to Douglas 22 seconds ago

not as severe as yours

Douglas in reply to Good citizen #1- 1 second ago

you must be a fucking retard

Good citizen#2- in reply to Douglas 11 seconds ago

Douglas commented:
that's rich coming from you 

Actually, children will act this way for a number of reasons, not only in self-defense. Peer pressure is also a huge motivator for this type of behavior. Kids want to impress their friends and do what they think will make them fit in no matter what it is. What if these were your kids and you did everything you could to raise them right and yet they act like this? We can't always only blame parents. We need kids to take responsibility for their actions; otherwise, they turn out like this.

Good citizen #3 in reply to Douglas 57 seconds ago

Douglas commented:
I actually agree with you. You're right. We should burn these kids at the stake because that's what they deserve. Burn them I say and let them pay for the transgressions