Monday, 16 July 2012

Puppy High

Boxer Puppy

If you have been a regular reader of my blog then you have come across the term "Puppy High" and you know what it means but if you are new, here is the short of it.

Your heart starts to race, there is a slight pounding in your head. You start to sweat because you are rolling around on the floor with puppies and your chest explodes with pure love and adoration for the fluffy ball of sharp teeth and puppy breath. You feel happy even though your adrenaline is pumping and one of the pups have peed and the others are tramping in it and then standing on you. But it's okay! You are in utter bliss.

American White Shepherd
Duanne and I will be moving in together at the end of next year and I have already started going through what kind of puppy we will be experimenting on. (To see if we would make good parents) (No weird stuff) (I promise) This is a big deal. It will be our first pet that we adopt as a couple. The only problem is what kind of dog to adopt?

I have run through every possibility in my head but I can't seem to just pick one...

Siberian Husky
Look how bad ass and cute that husky looks!

Doberman puppies
I keep going through each and every scenario in my head...If we get a big dog will Duanne and I have the balls it takes for he/she to live outside/garage or kitchen or will we coddle it and we end up have a 40kg dog trying to lay on someone's shoulders?

Layla our Golden Retriever