Thursday, 21 July 2011

My embarrassing problem...

I have a slight problem. Well not a problem exactly, more like an embarrassing guilty pleasure that can be annoying to some people. I like...No, I love infomercials. The shiny new toys that can make my life easier, simpler and more enjoyable (I am not sure how a vacuum cleaner is supposed to make my life more enjoyable but whatevs, it's not like they are lying...) (<--Yes, I can be that ignorant)

The TV will be screaming at me to buy the latest and greatest and my mind will go on this roller coaster of pure want even if the product has nothing to do with me...

Robs (My sister): You don't need floppyBgone, you don't even have a penis.
Me: How do you know? I could have both sets of genitalia.
Robs: You don't.
Me: Exactly! I can't get an erection hence why I need FloppyBgone.
Robs: Sigh* Fine

My favourite types are the cleaning and cooking ones because I have a thing for cleaning products (weird I know) and the cooking ones are really interesting. The rest are mostly for weight loss...

And easy exercising....Honestly, I don't even know why I watch those ones...

Nope, can't think of a single reason...

But then something magical happens, something so insane and ridiculous that the world stops and laughs and when the laughter dies down, they go out and buy the insane/ridiculous thing because how can they not? How can they pass up this opportunity?

I must admit I love this weird world of ours. It is utterly ridiculous and imperfect but damn- It has some crazy imagination...


  1. But Keiran, then my blog would be boring.

  2. OMG I am a total infomercial junkie too! I don't see them anymore cause I'm old and go to bed early but back in the day when regular programming would go off and infomercials would start I would ALWAYS get sucked in!

  3. CakeB- Do you know what I think? I think there should be a channel with only infomercials

  4. Girl, you had me before the pictures of the guys, but I'm sighing right along with ya, you erectile dysfunctional, erect nipple, infomercial junkie! :)

    Talkative Taurus

  5. Thank you Krissy! Erect nipple girl? Hmm... I smell a new superhero...

  6. hahaha gotta get my hands on that booty pop! how do people come up with these things? and how on earth do they make it to mass production!!!

    i'm with you on the cooking stuff! they always look like they work so well!!! even though i can crack my own eggs open by hand, who wouldn't want an apparatus that can do it for you!!