Friday, 12 August 2011

Is that a snake in your trousers?

I am not the bravest person on earth but nor am I a coward but there are just certain things that scare the shit out of me. For example I like snakes, not all snakes but a 6ft python holds no threat to me.

But a lizard on the other hand...

A couple of months ago, I made my family take me to a pet expo that was being hosted in my town. As you guys know, I love animals so it was really right up my backside. They had the usual dogs and cats but upstairs was the reptile exhibit.

I was definitely amped.
My sister on the other hand wasn't very keen...

So as I was lying in bed that night, a little visitor decided to join us.

My sister: Chelsey! Come here quick, we need you to get rid of a lizard.
Me: Are you mad? I am not touching that thing. I hate lizards.
My sister: Are you kidding me? You will hold a 6ft python but you're scared of a lizard?
Me: Yes. They're creepy.
My sister: But...what are we supposed to do?
Me: Let one of the cats get it.
My sister: No shame! They'll kill it.
Me: *Starts to hum the circle of life from the The lion king.
My sister *Glaring: You have a sick sense of humour.
Me: It's the cir----cle! The circle of liiiifeeee!

This is Blake the Burmese Python.
And for an apology for not writing a blog for so long;

You're welcome.

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