Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Age is nothing but a number

 Adults are weird. Not a twenty-something year old adult. I mean a proper adult like someone in their forties with children and a house with more than one toilet. They can be smart but also unbelievably dumb, like with technology. For example:

*After showing my mom how to work the DVD player, I am in the kitchen making lunch
Mom: Chelsey! How do I put the volume up?
Me: Press the button that has a 'V' on it
Mom: Nothing is happening!
Me: The TV remote not the DVD remote!
Mom: Oh... nothing is happening! Just come here!
*Rolling my eyes, I walk into her room and stop dead.

Not the TV remote, it was the DSTV remote.

Me: Are you joking?
Mom: What? Why?
Me: I said TV remote. TV.
Mom: Oh silly me, you are my hero!

She didn't really say I was her hero, I just wanted to draw this.
I know in some parts of the world I would be considered an adult already but in my own world, I'm not even close.

A list of reasons why I can't be an adult...yet

1. I hate coffee (Everyone knows you are only an adult if you drink coffee)
2. I love cartoons
3. Only eat certain vegetables
4. Can wear the same pair of socks for three days and not care
5. I still do incredibly stupid things like cutting out a chunk of flesh from my arse... (Don't ask)

I was chatting to my sister about it the other day, it was a rather short conversation in which I made her sort of depressed.

Robyn: I can't believe you're turning twenty in a couple of months.
Me: I know! I can't believe you're going to be twenty-seven.
Robyn: Oh. Right.

*Awkward silence

Me: I'm sorry.

Hmmm....What do I have here? Is that funny pictures? Oh Hell's Yeah!


  1. Hahaha, parents and technology is always a fail! But as the saying goes 'Growing old is mandatory, but growing up.... is optional' :P

  2. Life is chill when you're a kid.
    And then you grow up.

    Funny pictures I like.

  3. love! haha bipolar bitch hahaa. chunk of flesh? i have to ask...