Monday, 10 October 2011

Don't dress up as a giant vagina for Halloween

Halloween is coming up and even though it is not as big here as it is overseas, my sister and I have decided to have a Halloween party.

Halloween time in America

Halloween time in South Africa.
Now I have been doing some research about fun drinks, themes and costumes...Yeah, costumes...Some people are doing it wrong.

I am quite speechless.

I can just imagine how this came to be...

Teenager named Jenny: Oh my gosh! like I wanna be something scary but like sexy too, ya know what I mean, Stacey?
Stacey: Like totally! What is the like, scariest thing to America?

*Thinky face

15 minutes later

Stacey: I totally got it! That terrorist dude! Obama...Wait Osama...whatever!
Jenny: But that is like totally not sexy!
Stacey: We can make him sexy...*Gives Jenny a fish pout face.
*Jenny gives a high pitched squeal then takes a photo of herself in the bathroom mirror.

That is when some costume company got a letter from Jenny and Stacey because I refuse to believe that more than two people are that stupid.

Hitler? Really?
Men in general must really love vagina...

Giant Vagina?
If you are thinking of dressing up as a giant vagina for Halloween...Please don't. There are amazing and exciting things to go as but having giant flappy labia swinging around is not one of them. Which is why Boyfriend and I have decided to go as zombies which is a relatively easy thing to go as and I get to be my normal clumsy self and not worry that I will spill anything on my clothes cause zombies just don't give a fuck.

And now it is time for....

Animal pictures- Halloween style? Oh Hell No!

Happy Halloween everybody!


  1. Hahahahaha, oh man, that's so true about Halloween in SA, I wish people would decorate their houses more like they do in America. And that last doggie Halloween costume is amazing! Need to get my hands on one for my dog!

    Whilst I seriously think that it would be epic if you went as a giant vagina, a zombie is always a good one, cause technically at Halloween you're supposed to be scary. I hate it when some dumb ass chick goes and dresses up as Barbie(or sexy bin laden) and is like 'Omg, omg, i'm so pretty and everyone else is so dirty and covered in blood"....

  2. I've never seen the vagina costume before...and maybe I don't ever want to see it again. I'm damaged for life now.