Thursday, 1 September 2011

It's nearly Sexy Time

Happy Spring Day everyone!

 And Happy Autumn day for my overseas friends!

Now that we have that out of the way...

Boyfriend: What are you doing?
Me: Research.
Boyfriend: Those are just pictures of half-naked men
Me: It isn't for me. It's for my blog.
Boyfriend: Why would you be looking at naked men for your blog?
Me: Supply and demand.
Boyfriend: And why is you hand down your pants?
Me: Oh...

On a side note: Boyfriend is very understanding of me looking at half-naked men. Just as I am supportive in pointing out boobs. I can't help it, sometimes these things just need to be admired.

A little something for the men.

But let me get back on track, today is the first day of spring which leads to Summer which means bikini season. That means no more excuses about eating healthy and no more giant jackets that can hide the extra kilo or two that has been put on. Shit.
Even though I whine about Winter and how cold it is, it did have some good points...Well point. Just one and that is the giant jacket part. But I digress...

Spring is here, bitches! Today marks the countdown to my favourite part of year!
*Happy Dance

From the 1st November onwards is my best. I LOVE Christmas time. It's the part of the year where I have no bad memories, no worries and I can poke people and say "It's nearly Christmas" and then give them a subtle hint of what I want.

They don't even take notice of me when I get so excited and I start to speak in one word sentences. And then I just start to point and grunt. But let's not go there.

It's Kitteh TIME!


  1. Haha bring on Christmas! I'm so glad it's getting warmer!!! I was dying from the cold.... us Durbanites are such pansies when it comes to bad weather.

    3 words and grunting? Nice! I have a tendency to grin like an idiot, make squealing noises and point repeatedly at what I want - which is what i'm currently doing at the "fuck you i am cat" cat. So damn cute!

  2. I can't believe your Spring is just starting as my fall is starting. That's so weird to think you're on the opposite season. Frankly I'm jealous. I love fall; the weather, Halloween, pumpkins, apples, pumpkins, warm sweaters, pumpkins.... but I fucking haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate Winter with the burning of 1,000 hells. So Fall is a bit tainted for me. Now Spring is my favorite season. Jealous.

  3. Ah..But here in South Africa we don't really celebrate Halloween (Shocking, right?) But this year my sister and I were like, fuck it and now we are having a Halloween/guy faux party