Thursday, 5 May 2011

Nut sacks, maths and an award

After an intense week of exams, it is finally over. You would think I would be relieved but for some reason I'm not. I am relieved but I'm not happy. Maybe I expected more Wham Bam when it was finished or some kind of sign that all is right with the world. It wasn't even a fizzle. Tomorrow will probably be better when I have actually gotten some sleep and it finally hits me that I never have to do math again! Whoop whoop.

In the beginning of the week Cake Betch from The hot mess chronicles gave me an award! I was so excited. At first I tried to play it cool but then I just couldn't hold it in anymore.

*Runs to nearest family member

Me: Ohmygoshigotanawardbtoneofmyfavouritebloggersishdiwehferfyeru!
Sister: What?
Me: *Heavy breathing
Sister: Chels? Are you okay?
Me: *Manic eyes
Sister: Chelsey, you are starting to freak me out.
Me: *Tries to turn head 360 degrees. Fails.
Sister: CHELSEY!
Me: Okay, fine! Look!!!!!! 

I proceeded to show her the awesomeness that is my award:


And thanks to that, I have had some wickedly cool comments, one of which has actually inspired a new picture to spawn from my mind.

From Peevie Juice, I quote

"You are so balls-y. Like you're carrying a pair in your bag or something. Like big hairy cojones." 

I was incredibly flattered.

I present: The Nutsack

I would totally buy one


  1. Hahahahahaha.

    So you kept your promise! I must say that the end product actually came out radical.

    Hairy nutsack purse. Exactly what women have been wanting since the beginning of time.

    I can identify with the blog winning feeling. But somehow only the blogger seems to be ecstatic about it and your friends are all like, "oh yeah, good for you."


  2. Congrats on the award. And I totally laughed out loud at the last picture. I would FOR SURE buy a nut sack. I'm a ballsy woman, only the best nut sacks for me.