Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Things that suck (part 3- worst jobs in the world)

So I was lying in bed, scouring the internet when I came across this:

winningateverything.com-quite a hilarious site.

It gave me some inspiration for a new post, so I put on my thinking cap. (Went to google,actually) and researched some of the worst jobs in the world. Here is what I found:

1. Roadkill Collector

The job description is pretty self explanatory, that's right, picking up roadkill is an actual job. I thought that most of the squished animals were at most just kicked to the side of the road and left to decompose but no. These brave men and women actually have to scrape off the dead carcass from the road whilst having to dodge oncoming cars.

2. Crime Scene Cleaner

 This one is more gruesome than job number one. It's kinda like a step up...sort of. Can you imagine how fucked up you must be to do this job? I applaud anyone who can clean up the remains of a human body and not be mentally disturbed. How awful would it be to have this job and you're in a really crappy mood and the boss is around?

"you missed a spot."

3. Ape Urine Collector

This one might be my favourite. Seriously? I think the job market has gotten so bad that the goverment is just making up work for people but alas as I researched further ape urine is needed by scientists to study something blah blah organs blah blah reproductive blah blah vagina science.

4. Hazmat Diver

They swim in shit. Nuff' said.

5. Barnyard Masturbator

This one, personally, gives me the creeps. What if you are on a date and she/he asks you what you do for a living? How do you answer that?

Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

Hahahahahaha! Nah- I'm still shallow


  1. I have seen one of those poor barnyard masturbators do their err... job.

    Not a pretty sight.

  2. Wow, just, wow. And I worked with haz mat drivers once upon a time. I had to hold my breath when they would come in the office and then spray air freshener when they left. Yuck.