Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Things that suck (part 2-Studying)

This week is going to be difficult, I have a math exam tomorrow and Thursday. I have just started my period so I am in pain for the next two days and I just looked up the weather for the week and it is going to be raining and freezing cold on Thursday (We all know how I feel about winter) This wouldn't be that bad if I was writing in a decent hall with a fixed roof and windows that haven't been vandalized but no, since I am re-writing, I shall be writing in a place with broken windows and a barely there roof but the icing on top of all that bitchlicious cake is the little memo we get stating that when we arrive or leave to please stand near the door so that there will be less chance of us getting mugged. Delightful.

Robbers Beware: Door Monster

I have cried a total of four times today. The first two times were all out gut wrenching, soul stealing sobs and the other two were sniffles. Added to that, I started my girly time of the month. You know, the time of the month where females bleed out the vagina so this was me three hours ago.

It was actually sunny but cold out- pissed me off no end.
I am not looking forward to tomorrow, if I was just writing the exam it would've been okay but no. After a two hour lesson in the morning and then writing the actual exam for three hours, I have to come home and study for paper 2 that I am writing the next day. Gee- thanks for the break you blady wankers. But on a more happier note...



  1. Hey there, M&M eater. Stopping by from Cake B's. Great drawrings!

    Also, you said "You know, the time of the month where females bleed out the vagina." Um, this might be the most apt and literal description ever. If young boys were just told this instead of awkward explanation of what "time of the month" means, life would have been a lot simpler.

    And I totes hear you on winter. I'm sort of bi-polar, but more bi-seasonal. Winter = bad, summer = good, and my mood usually lines up accordingly. Statistically, I'm 87% more likely to punch baby penguins in April than in August.


  2. Why, thank you so much!
    *over the shoulder coy look with a hint of a blush*
    (Me? Try too hard? Puhlease!)
    I think my description of a period should be in the oxford dictionary, just sayin'.
    Also 87% is a very good statistic, I like it. Although instead of a baby penquin, punch mother nature in her saggy vagina, she is the real bitch here.
    But in all seriousness I do appreciate the positive feedback so thank you :D (I am giving you a thumbs up in real life- You can't see it but it is there)

  3. So Cake directed me here as well and boy this place is sweet.

    You are so balls-y. Like you're carrying a pair in your bag or something. Like big hairy cojones.

    I like your drawings. And you're so crazy you know.

    I'll be back.

  4. Dear Juice.

    Thank you, I am going to draw a picture in your honour. I am going to call it the nut sack...
    stay tuned

    Much merriment


    We rescued a baby kitty a few years ago and he was so fucking cute it made my head explode a few times.
    And yeah that is him climbing my leg before his claws were removed. Wasn't he CUUUUTE???
    Now he's fat and retarded and doesn't like me. See if I ever adopt a kitty again.

  6. That is so adorable!!!!!!!! I was shoving my laptop into boyfriends face over and over again until he finally snapped and consented to look with me. I adore animals although I do share your opinion that cats in particular can be assholes