Tuesday, 21 June 2011

All we need is just a little patience. (Well it's a nice thought)

I am pretty good at waiting for people, I can sit in a car for over an hour while my mother does whatever moms do in a shopping centre that takes so effing long. The first thing I do is listen to music but once that CD has played through and my vocal chords need a break from singing 'Don't stop believing' there is another glorious invention. The cellphone. Not the crappy bricks from the olden days but the new improved phones. Phones that can play movies, music and games with internet at the touch of a button...

But back to the subject at hand besides being an awesome Guns&Roses song, patience is something I sometimes lack for example:

List of things I have no patience for:

1. Slow internet.
2. Tangled wires
3. Stupid people
4. Trance music
5. Liars
6. Ppl dat spel lyk dis
7.Sugar free candy- what a load of shit
8. Chain letters- I have not been murdered/slaughtered/maimed/gutted at midnight by a ghost/serial killer/demon/werewolf/ vengeful spirit or shadow.
9. Asshole drivers
10. Any airport waiting

List of things I do have patience for:

1. Cats
2. Dogs
3. Any kind of animal really.
4. Friends
5. Food- I love food
6. Learner drivers ( I'm a learner driver :D but not for long!)
7. Family- sometimes

Okay I have given up trying to think of things that I have patience for, there aren't many and it's starting to give me a headache.

Like I said before, I care a lot for my friends and I can get a little bit overprotective. For example, My parents bought me my first car. (It is freaking awesome but I digress)  Sarah, my dear friend drove us back from the shop and because she doesn't know the car, she stalled which made the stupid bitch woman that was thirty meters behind us have to go around us instead of straight, she was deeply unhappy and showed her hostility with a lot of head shaking, swearing, hooting and dirty looks. Sarah did all the right things, put the hazards on, apologized and all that nonsense. I on other hand smacked the window and shouted right back actually...It went a little something like this:

Me: What a fucking bitch
Sarah: I know but it's fine
Me: No, it's not! Who the hell does she think she is!
Sarah: It's ok
Me (To the bitch now in front of us): Go die a pitiful death! Stupid runt.(Except runt actually started with a C)
Sarah: Chels! Show a little bit of compassion.
Me: Fine, Go die a slow painful death so you can say goodbye to your relatives, bitch.

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