Monday, 27 June 2011

Things that suck (Annoying Drunk People)

I kind of dislike people in general and when these people are drunk that dislike becomes something a little more intense, not hatred just dislike and irritation mixed together in a tiny ball of animosity. Now not all drunk people are annoying some are actually fun and sometimes I like them better inebriated but there are just those few that can't handle their drink. Take boyfriend for example, I find him quite adorable when he is drunk, yes I might be biased but I don't care, he is loving and proposes a lot in which I take devilish glee in reminding him the next morning. But I digress...

This weekend I met the worlds most annoying drunk, besides trying to pick fights with anything and everything that moves...

He liked to stand very close to whomever he was talking too:

So on top of swearing a lot, wanting to fight and standing so close that the fumes from his breath stings your eyes, he then kept repeating himself over and over and over.

And then the crying...

Luckily the man that can't handle his drink started hitting the bottle early on so went to bed quite early-ish.

Well I don't know how to end off this post so here is a picture of a cat: