Thursday, 9 June 2011

Drama Queen, Me? Puh-lease!

Some people may refer to me as being a "drama queen" I don't know where they got these inaccurate accusations from but to each his own. The only time I do agree with them though is when I am sick, you think men are bad?.. I am nearly on their level. (I know, right? Crazy) But not only am I a drama queen, my moods can be somewhat... erratic.

But thankfully I have my loving sister to keep my spirits up;

*Laying on my bed, playing computer games

Robyn: Whatcha doing?
Me: Same thing that I have been doing for the last three days.
Robyn: Oh oka... *Takes closer look at my face
Me: What?
R: Is that what you look like without make up on?
Me: Yes...Why?
R: Nothing, nothing...
Me: Then why are you talking to the wall and not directly at me.
R: You look weird.
Me: I don't look that bad.
R: You're pasty, white and dead looking.
Me: Gee thanks.
R: Like a vampire.
Me: Vampires are supposed to be sexy.
R: Never mind then.

I guess not washing my hair for the last week hasn't helped my case but whatever, I am a sick panda, I am allowed to look like shit, even if it is pasty, white and dead looking.


  1. sorry shouldn't laugh while you're sick..but ..bahahaha

    hope you're feeling better soon :)

  2. Something tells me you're not really as bad as men. Men are TERRIBLE when they're sick. Whiney and cry-ey and wanting soup and hugs and me to not punch them in their irritating faces.

    Hope you feel better soon darlin.