Thursday, 21 April 2011

Boyfriend is a very lucky man

I was on stumble upon when I came across this, I apparently have no etiquette when it comes to the opposite sex. If this little list is in fact true, I have been doing things very wrong.

 5 Things guys should know about girls.

1. when we look at your mouth we want you to kiss us.
    No, if I am looking at your mouth it means you have something in your teeth or sauce by the corner of your lips

 2. when we say we're fine, we're really not.

You know what? Maybe I am just fine, I don't have to be fucking happy all the  time and just because I am not little miss ray of sunshine doesn't mean I am terribly sad either. Maybe my day has been average, nothing more and nothing less. So yes, I am fine thank you.

3. when we say we're cold we want you to hug us.

 When I say I am cold, I am in fact cold.

4. when we don't wear makeup it's because we trust you. 

Or because I was lazy. 

5. when we put our hands by our side we want you to hold it.

My hands are generally by my side, I do not walk around the mall with my hands above my head on the off chance I want boyfriend to hold it. In fact when I do want him to hold it, I simply grab his hand and say "Hold it, bitch"

I don't know about you but this person in the list sounds a little too coy for my liking, I think I should make a new list.



New and Improved List


   1. When I pry open your jaw and proceed to shove my tongue down your throat, I want you to kiss     me

  1. 2. If I am crying and you ask me if I am okay, I will punch you in the jaw because I am obviously not fine but if all seems right with the world and I reply with fine then yes, it has been a perfectly average day so far

    Obviously not okay...Idiot.


    3. If all of a sudden you feel a vise like grip around your ribs, relax, it is not a heart attack. It is just me wanting a hug but be warned if my hug is not reciprocated within five seconds I will bite your nipple.

    That is me when boyfriend comes home


    4. Sometimes I am just too damn lazy to wear make up, get over it, and maybe I also like to put my hair in pigtails and pretend to be a powerpuff girl...shut up


    5. If I want to suddenly hold your hand, it is me being loving and I will simply reach out and grab hold of said hand, again be warned if you do not want to hold hands, I would advise you to protect your nipples.


    Anyways this post is dedicated to boyfriend, it is his birthday tomorrow. He is turning 24, Happy Birthday, baseball bitch.

    On my birthday

    On New Years

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  1. Awww! You guys are both super cute! Happy Birthday boyfriend!