Monday, 11 April 2011

Dude for a day-What would I do?

Every woman has one of those days that they inevitably wonder what it would be like to be a man. I don't know why but it has crossed our minds. So in order to understand I have made a list of why it would be awesome to be a man and what I would do if i was said man.

First thing I would do is check out my package, apparently it is quite important in a mans world.
Awesome thing number 1:

While on road trips if the urge to pee is strong, you can pee in a bottle! You don't even have to stop! this thought is amazing to me for I have a story to tell about a bad road trip pee story. (Coming soon :D)

The itchy crotch, us women have all been there when you are out in public and...the itch occurs...we have our little tricks to scratch but it never fully satisfies the irritating crawliness. When a man has an itch, they just reach down their pants and do whatever they do while they are down there.

 All happy shopping but then...
 The dreaded itch!

Get kicked in the family jewels! Yes, I want to see what all the fuss is about. Is it really as painful as they say or do they do it on the off chance their girlfriend feels sorry for them and become their butler for the day

 I would wear nothing except a long coat then I would sit in a park and when somebody comes past I'll flash and shake my willy so it goes in circles whilst making helicopter noises. (I would practice at home first-I shall call it the willycopter)

I would walk around without a top on! Oh the joys of it being a hot summer day and having nothing squeezing around the chest area.

Society accepts. (Not that I blame them)

Society frowns upon

 Most awesome reason of all:

But is all that enough reason to stop being a girl? No? I agree...

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  1. Chelsey I have wished I was a boy more times than I can count. I was kind of RAISED as a boy because I was firstborn and my dad had no sons so I grew up being kinda butchy. If I were a dude I would totally play with myself, burp and fart, go wherever I wanted no matter what time it was and even if it was dark, stare unabashedly at boobies, and never pee in a toilet. That's probably what I'm most jealous of. There is just no way for a girl to pee anywhere besides a toilet without getting piss on herself. I know, I've tried.