Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Facebook is bad for your cool rep yo!

We've all had those days where there is absolutely nothing to do and even if there was you're just too lazy to do it. Unfortunately that's where facebook comes in. In theory it's perfect, games, humour (That's how you spell humor in South Africa-fun fact of the day), drama and you can satisfy all your stalker like tendencies without anybody knowing.

But there is the dreaded news feed and when taking tests like What pokemon would you be? (Mine would be Vulprix (Dominatrix name for sure) or Squirtle(Again porno name if you ask me) and what ghost resides in your room? (Dog ghost by the way) You don't want your colleagues and friends to see what tests you thought were so important you would risk the embarrassment  of them seeing the results

Well these were my results from a quiz called What is your forgotten Celtic name?

Armelle means 'princess' (Sounds about right) and your grace (I am the least graceful creature on earth) and beauty make it a fit name for you. You are noble and tactful in dealings with others (Sure- If you say so...) but forthright and genuine with those you trust. Your facade is for those whom you intuit as ill-meaning or dishonest, (Yeah- Show those bitches whose boss) and your instincts never lead you astray. (I have the worst instincts and direction- I once got lost in a parking lot) You rule your 'kingdom' gently but firmly, and so your home and your heart are well balanced. (I have never been described as well balanced before) You believe in the good while seeing the evil, but not naively or cynically.(Naive and gullible aren't really the same-Are they?) In the end you judge each by their actions, not by your own fears or wishes, and so you are surrounded by true friends. You are a princess without subjects, (What the hell?) only hopes and dreams (I would prefer subjects), and your partner is your equal in all things.

I like this idea better...

What is the Celtic name for free gifts?




  1. I like that picture too. I want to know what my lost name is!

  2. Are you sure you only got lost in a parking lot once my friend??