Saturday, 9 April 2011

I am a FP (Female Pervert)

I like to read. No, I love to read. Reading is my life, my love, my soul. If I could reproduce with books I would. I would marry them and have little pamphlets. I would risk papercuts in my vagina for books. That is saying something (Am I right ladies?) The type of books I love are supernatural, thriller, romance all in one and the super hot yummy heroes on the cover are just the cherry on top of all that deliciousness. Gena Showalter is one of my all time favourites.

Can I get a whoop whoop?
For me to actually start writing this paragraph literally took six minutes, I was just in awe...Umm where was I?...Rock hard abs, sweaty glistening skin, dark broody stare... *Cough
Ten minutes go by...
I must never become a photographer. Can you imagine if I took that photo?

Me: "You! Mr Sexy ass, remove that shirt.
Mr Sexy ass: "Are you sure? This was supposed to be the wardrobe?"
Me: "Do not question my artistic flow! Remove the shirt and pants!"
Mr Sexy ass: "I'm not so sure..."
Me: "Do it." (Death glare)

I am pretty sure I would be in jail right now. No, I know I would be in jail right. He would've sued me for something stupid like public indecency or inappropriateness in a work place or putting a roofie in his drink.

 As you can tell I am a pervert. Yes, you heard me! I am a female pervert and I am proud of it!

Female Pervert Superhero!

The five commandments for being a female pervert.

  1. Thou shall tell girlfriend if hot guy is spotted. (No keeping him to yourself)
  2. Thou shall act in an inconspicuous manner. (No catcalls)
  3. Thou shall not follow sexy man. (No stalker like behavior)
  4. If a girlfriend does not tell you about a sexy man she is ogling, you get automatic dibs.
  5. If sexy man has an equally sexy body forget previous commandments.


I'm off to take a cold shower

In honour of Cake Betch, I present: Henry Cavill

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  1. Hot hot hot. Have you ever seen the first season of Tudors? Henry Cavil? Good lord, he is God's gift to women. SOoooooOOOO gorgeous.