Thursday, 14 April 2011

The curious case of Chelsey Button

I might have only been born in '92 but I am pretty sure I'm an old woman trapped in a young girls body.
Why you might be asking, well I shall tell you.

I have a bitch for a hip, yes I have problems with my hips. I'm freaking 19! I shouldn't have to deal with that yet. You see, one of my hips likes to go higher than my other hip. I don't know what it is trying to accomplish, maybe it wants to be better than the other hip but all it accomplishes is making my spine go skew which in turn puts pressure on my muscles and causes me a lot of pain.

Luckily I only have to get my hips realigned once or twice a year and it is an awesome excuse when people ask me to carry heavy stuff.

For someone so young, I take a lot of medication. It has to do with the whole bipolar thing but still, walking into a pharmacy and asking for the bazillions of medication I need is a bit...harrowing

Yaaay! Drugs for me!

I would rather be in bed with a good book and boyfriend snoring next to me than to go out clubbing, although I love dancing, I hate the music they play. All they play is like a trance type music that sounds exactly the same so an hour later I am huddling in the corner begging for the DJ to change it to the next song but apparently he has. Fucking Liar.

I am perfectly content to go to a flea market with my grandma and her friend, in fact I like it. I enjoy their company. On the one hand we have my grandma who is the classical well spoken lady and then we have Marge, who cusses like a sailor, speaks her mind and married the same guy three times. She is going to be one of my bridesmaids when I eventually get married, I am not even kidding, she is pretty awesome. They have been friends for over forty years or something ridiculous and we have never understood how these completely different people even became friends in the first place. I guess opposites really do attract. But if that were in fact true why don't we see more ugly guys with beautiful women or vice versa...just sayin'.

I like to play word board games similar to scrabble with my grandma, Marge and my mother.
I want to learn how to sew. Seriously what teenager would rather want to make her own clothes than go shopping for them.

I like to complain about inconsequential things.

This has tired me out...Nap time!


  1. "Yay, drugs for me!" <~~~ Hahahaha! I love that your head is a full 90 degrees to the right as well. Very nice.

  2. Yeah, when I saw that panel I did the exact same expression and head move as you, just to see, and then I laughed.

    Cancer is bad. Heehee. True dat!

  3. Two of my favourite bloggesses commented on my blog.
    I am in blog heaven :)